To produce goods derived from high quality fruit that contribute to a healthy nutrition, while ensuring processes of technified products that are certified and standardized with highly trained, trustworthy personnel, and to maintain high levels of social responsibility towards our farmers, clients, partners and community.  


Our vision is to develop our brand, Frutysabor SAS, to be the leader of its industry; to be known for its developed organizational culture certified under high-quality standards, its highly innovative vocation at the national level and its established processes identified by excellent service. 

Our Promise

Our commitment is to always generate a culture revolved around the betterment of continuous processes and quality of service.

Our focus of ongoing training and employee well-being enables us to acquire new knowledge and skills; by the same token, establish trusting relationships with our clients, customers, suppliers and the community through rigorous processes, products, and services that comply with the highest of standards. 



HONESTY: Consistency is of utmost importance; adhered to our principles and the well-being of our customers.

COMMITMENT: We do not just comply—we commit.  Our consistency lies in all that we do; thus, we give more than what is expected.

RESPONSIBILITY: Comply with what is assigned in a timely manner—we deliver results.

RESPECT: Cordially and adequately treat our internal and external customers with utmost respect with a laser-focus on meeting their needs. 

LOYALTY: Work collaboratively with all in order solve the most complex problems and meet all respective needs. 

Always with you in mind, we are constantly innovating our products. Our story begins in the farms and ends in your hands.

We care

At Frutysabor, we care about what goes into your body.  We are honest and we are simple.  Our fruit is harvested how it should always be, all naturally—just as nature intends it.  Thus, our fruit is grown and processed all naturally.  We stand behind the small farmers with small crops who can tend to all their fruits by using planet-friendly practices such as crop rotation and composting. Our farmers are artisans who care about the environment, the trees and the fruits they bear, and most importantly, you—our customers.